You've arrived back home, tanned and rested after a fortnight soaking up the sun in foreign climes. You lug the suitcases up the garden path, make a mental note to trim the hedge, and then you open the front door.

Your heart goes into your stomach as you survey the grim scene in front of you: the contents of drawers scattered all over the floor, cupboards flung open, gaps in the corner where the TV and music system used to be.

Unfortunately, this can happen whenever you return home and discover you property has been ransacked by burglars.

For many, this will be the event that spurs them into getting extra security installed, which is a very easy, with so much information and organisations to assist.

Imagine though instead of arriving home, you have turned up at your holiday home for that special week(s) at the coast or in the country and you find that your dream pied de Terre has been defiled.

Instead of a couple of weeks relaxing you spend the whole time cleaning up, speaking to the Police and insurance companies in a foreign tongue and with different attitudes.

Therefore it is up to the house owners to increase the level of protection to ensure it is their property that is not the chosen crime statistic, both in the UK and abroad.

Generally this will boil down to the following options.

Using people either to house sit each time you leave your second home, or arrange daily/weekly/monthly visits to check out the house.


Wouldn’t it be better if you had a system installed in your second or holiday home that advised you immediately someone entered your house, barn, garage or even your garden, so that you could at least know you may have a problem.

As most people now have mobile phone/internet coverage in their second home, then a message could be sent to your smartphone anywhere in the world advising you that there is a problem.

Depending on your system it could be possible, with the aid of a CCTV system, to look at the scene of the alert.

It could also be possible to open a voice channel to speak to these intruders to advise them that they have been detected and may be recorded.