Securapps has since 2005 been exclusively involved with the renovation of older style houses and bringing the ancient wiring system up to the latest French Electrical Standard. NF 15-100.

Generally this involves removing all the old wiring, replacing with modern, replacing the old control system with a new consumer unit (tableau) and with high standard system and personal protection devices.

Most of the older systems have either an ancient earth or no system at all which is most important to the wellbeing of the new installation.

As there is no individual approval on completion (signing off) we can arrange for the system to be tested for compliance by an independent authority called Consuel who can issue an approved letter of conformity. Whilst we apply the required standard we also take account of the wishes and requests of the client.

Many of these replacement systems need to be incorporated with modern lighting and multimedia designs such as multi room satellite receiving systems, music, external power, garden, solar systems and electric heating either underfloor mats or standalone radiators, CCTV and security applications
Whilst Securapps standardises on the following major companies we can obvious use other marques if this is specified by the client.
The control equipment is one the following:- Hagar, ABB or Eaton and the sockets and light switches are:- Legrand, Hagar or Schneider.